I started my first jewellery collection in 1993 in Madrid. I never thought, when I was studying Fine Arts and specialising in Sculpture in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that I would end up creating jewellery. But I did. That's why I call my pieces SCULPTURES TO WEAR. Many of my pieces are inspired by works of art, because I have sold certain collections to Museum shops in Spain. But this is not all I do. I work on my sculptures, as well as on my jewellery, And they are related in a way. My jewellery is always neat and simple, And very functional and comfortable. My designs are timeless, last forever and can be used daily. On the other hand, sometimes I am asked to make pieces for Musicals or TV shows and of course, they are more extravagant and not meant for daily use.

My products are completely handmade. Either directly from silver wire / plates or through wax casting I design and make them myself. My favourite metal is silver, but I also work in gold, gold-plated silver and gold-plated brass.

The pieces get to the client in fancy boxes with my name on top. I ship worldwide.

For wholsesale prices and retall orders please, contact me:

I will be happy to answer.